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Matching Workers
(with Espen Moen)

Modernity, Religiosity, and Social Norms in Female Labor Supply

(with Oren Danieli)

The Dynamics of Human Capital and Labor Market Barriers

Shock Transmission and the Interaction of Financial and Hiring Frictions

(with Stephen Millard)

Invariance in Structural Models

(with Gadi Perets)

Labor Market Frictions in Production Networks

(with Brad Speigner)

Firm-Worker Matching and Shadow Labor and Capital Asset Values
(with Roy Cnaan)


Epidemiological Dynamics in the Economic Analysis of Pandemics. Submitted.
(with Yinon Bar-On, Tanya Baron, Ofer Cornfeld and Ron Milo)

A Simple Planning Problem for COVID-19 Lockdown, Testing and Tracing: Comment
(with Tanya Baron, Ofer Cornfeld)

Adaptive cyclic exit strategies from lockdown to suppress COVID-19 and allow economic activity
(with Omer Karin, Yinon M. Bar-On, Tomer Milo, Itay Katzir, Avi Mayo, Yael Korem, Avichai Tendler, Boaz Dudovich, Amos J. Zehavi, Nadav Davidovitch, Ron Milo, and Uri Alon) 
R and R at Nature: Scientific Reports

The Dynamics of the COVID 19 Epidemic in Israel and Its Economic Implications
R and R at the Economics Quarterly (in Hebrew)
(with Tanya Baron and Ofer Cornfeld)




The Importance of Hiring Frictions in Business Cycles

(with Renato Faccini)

Quantitative Economics  2022, 13, 1101–1143.

Online Appendix


Moving from a Poor Economy to a Rich One: Exploiting 'Laboratory-Type' Data

Labour Economics, October vol 72, 2021. Lead paper


The Arab Economy in Israel
(with Nitsa Kasir)

Chapter 16, in A. Ben-Bassat, R. Gronau, and A. Zussman (eds.)

The Israeli Economy, 1995-2017: Light and Shadow in a Market Economy

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2021, 495-523


Optimal Unemployment Benefits Policy and the Firm Productivity Distribution

(with Tomer Blumkin and Leif Danziger)

International Tax and Public Finance, 2017, 24, 36–59


Capital Values and Job Values

Review of Economic Dynamics, 2016, 19,190-209


The Israeli Banking System and Capital Market in Face of the Euro Crisis

Quarterly Banking Review 174, 11-16, 2013 (in Hebrew)


Arab Women in the Israeli Labor Market: Characteristics and Policy Proposals

(with Nitsa Kasir)

Israel Economic Review 2013, 10, 2, 1-41

Hebrew version: Employment Policy: The Case of Israeli Arab Women. Economics Quarterly, March/June 2011, vol. 1-2, 120-160


Patterns of Labor Force Participation Among Israeli Arabs

(with Nitsa Kasir)

Israel Economic Review Vol. 9, No. 1, 2011, 53–101
Hebrew version in The Bank of Israel Review, 84, 39-86, December 2010


U.S. Labor Market Dynamics Revisited

Scandinavian Journal of Economics

Special Issue on “Macroeconomic Fluctuations and the Labor Market,” 109 (4), 779–806, December 2007


Labor Search and Matching in Macroeconomics

European Economic Review, 51, 8, 1859-1895, November 2007. Lead paper


Labor and the Market Value of the Firm

(with Monika Merz)

American Economic Review, 97, 4, 1419-1431, September 2007


Evaluating the Performance of the Search and Matching Model

European Economic Review, 50, 909-936, May 2006

Longer version reprinted in:

Chapter 20, H. Bunzel, B.J. Christensen, G.R. Neumann, and J.M. Robin (eds.)

Structural Models of Wage and Employment Dynamics, Elsevier, North Holland, 2006, 511-544


Share Prices and the Value of Workers

Bank of England Quarterly Bulletin, Winter 2005, Vol. 45, 4, 452-461


Macroeconomic Policy Lessons of Labor Market Frictions

European Economic Review, 48, 259-284, April 2004


The Determinants of Equilibrium Unemployment

American Economic Review, 90 (5), 1297-1322, December 2000


Israeli Unemployment: The Effects of Policy

Economics Quarterly, 3, 418-430, October 2000 (in Hebrew)


Hiring As Investment Behavior

Review of Economic Dynamics, 3, 486-522, July 2000


The Palestinian Labor Market: Occupational and Locational Choices

Economics Quarterly 1, 129-145, March 2000 (in Hebrew)


Capital Controls Policy: An Intertemporal Perspective

Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 22(2) 219-245, February 1998


Capital Controls as Taxation Policy

International Tax and Public Finance, 4, 263-276, July 1997


The Beveridge Curve in the Israeli Economy: A Tool for Analyzing the Determinants of Unemployment

Economics Quarterly 1, 21-32 April 1996 (in Hebrew)


Money Demand in a High Inflation Economy: the Case of Israel

The Review of Economics and Statistics, LXXVI, 1, 186-191, February 1994


Optimal Inflation and the Government Revenue Mix

Economics Letters, 731(2),151-154, December 1989


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    (with Alon Rieger)
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Explaining the Time Path of Unemployment: the Differential Role of Growth, Business Cycles, Search Intensity, and Labor Supply Factors

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On Reputation Formation in Monetary Policy

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  • The Real Importance of the New Bank of Israel Law, Haaretz-The Marker 28/10/09

  • Cheap on Negative Income Tax, Haaretz-The Marker 16/2/10

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  • Deport the Middlemen, Not the Children, Haaretz-The Marker 21/7/10

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