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TAU Podcast June 25, 2023



Haaretz OpEd (in English), April 12, 2024

The Jewish Republic of Israel

Wikipedia entry, April 2048

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Haaretz OpEd  April 5, 2024
הרפובליקה היהודית של ישראל
קטעים נבחרים מערך ויקיפדיה 2048
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Haaretz OpEd  February 12, 2024

חרדים לנתניהו

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It's Time ultra-Orthodox Politicians End Their Devotion to Netanyahu, Haaretz English OpEd Feb 14, 2024

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Israel-Gaza War

FT Swamp Notes, March 11, 2024

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In response to Edward Luce’s article

BBC News Mundo March 5, 2024

Radio 103 Interview Feb 25, 2024

Calcalist OpEd February 10, 2024

Credit Downgrade Gives a Basis to the Formation of a New Coalition (in Hebrew) 

Davar, January 8, 2024

Interview in Calcalist November 29, 2023

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Haaretz OpEd October 26, 2023

‘Doing a Netanyahu’ Will Mean Pursuing a Suicidal Path

PDF version (Hebrew)

PDF version (English)

Interview in La Vanguardia  October 18, 2023

Interview with Orli and Guy (in Hebrew) – October 15, 2023

Interview in Al Jazeera October 14, 2023

Minutes 10:55 to 17:12

Mako intreview (in Hebrew), October 12, 2023

Calcalist interview (in Hebrew), October 12, 2023

Interviews in the Foreign Media

Indian TV 

January 4, 2024

Vietnamese TV

January 4, 2024

From minute 2:50

Vietnamese Press

German Press


Japanese Press

The Political Regime Change in Israel

Israel Hayom, (in Hebrew) October  5,  2023

Global Issue, Local Problem, commentary

Haaretz OpEd August 28, 2023

Judges must be players in the political arena

PDF version (Hebrew)

PDF version (English)

Haaretz OpEd May 24, 2023

Israel is on the way to becoming a Jewish Iran

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Twitter cite

The Marker Podcast May 23, 2023 (in Hebrew)

On Interest Rate Policy (minutes 2:45 to 20:10)

Haaretz OpEd May 19, 2023 (in Hebrew)

The Resource Battles of the Coalition

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Twitter cite

Globes article April 27, 2023 (in Hebrew)

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N12 interview April 13, 2023 (in Hebrew)

On the exchange rate implications

Ynet interview April 13, 2023 (in Hebrew)

On the economic damages

Guardian OpEd March 24, 2023

Rishi Sunak can’t afford to ignore Israel’s collapsing democracy – it’s everyone’s problem

PDF version

On the geo-political risk stemming from the political regime change in Israel, cited in Haaretz March 21, 2023

Web (English)

Web (Hebrew)

PDF version (English)

PDF version (Hebrew)

Der Spiegel Interview March 15, 2023 (in German):

Netanyahu is not a partner for the West, but a problem

PDF version (German)

PDF version (English)

N12 OpEd March 11, 2023 (in Hebrew):

A Weak Israel will become Internally and Externally Aggressive

PDF version

Interview in Kan 11 – Rsehet Bet with Keren Neubach, March 5, 2023 (in Hebrew)

N12 Interview Feb 23, 2023 (in Hebrew) PDF

Cited in New York Times article Feb 23, 2023

PDF version

In International editions was front page – PDF

Der Spiegel Interview February 13, 2023 (in German)

PDF version

Yediot February 8, 2023 (in Hebrew):

The Economic Risk: The Badly Misleading Reform

Financial Times OpEd February 3, 2023:

A changing, weakened Israel should worry everyone

PDF version (English)

Hebrew version (slightly different):

The Marker Feb 5, 2023

On Food Prices Protests in Israel

TV channel 12 interview Feb 5, 2022


IDF radio interview Feb 3, 2022


The Marker Feb 2, 2022

Media items on COVID 19

Globes March 23, 2021 (in Hebrew)


Globes OpEd January 21, 2021

LSE Business Review November 3, 2020

Sever Plocker Column, Yediot Ahronot , July 24, 2020 (Hebrew)


Keren Neubach Kan Reshet Bet Radio Interview July 20, 2020 (Hebrew) from minute 1:09:30

Globes OpEd July 16, 2020

BBC Newshour (from minute 32), May 29, 2020

Uri Alon TED Talk May 20, 2020

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (radio), May 14, 2020:

Article and Broadcast



New York Times OpEd May 11, 2020

PDF version

CEPR Vox column April 27, 2020

Financial Times OpEd April 21, 2020

PDF version

Kan Radio podcast April 7, 2020 (Hebrew)

Monetary Policy in the Crisis

Vox CEPR Policy Portal March 26, 2020

Reprinted as Chapter 35 in: Bénassy-Quéré and Weder di Mauro (editors)  Europe in the Time of Covid-19, CEPR Press 2020

Cited by:

Martin Wolf, FT,  April 9, 2020

Uri Pasovsky, Globes April 12, 2020

Reis and Tenreyro, Annual Review of Economics, August 2022

Globes Interview March 26, 2020

The Marker Interview March 25, 2020

Haaretz OpEd March 24, 2020



Labor Market Issues in the Crisis

Globes Interview April 22, 2020

The Dror Movement podcast , April 13, 2020 (Hebrew)




Jerusalem Post Interview April 1, 2020

Other media items

Interviews, TV appearances and OpEds

The Neymar Bubble October 2017 

Haaretz Op-Ed Nov. 1, 2015

The States of Dan and Judea



New York Times November 2012

Solution without Resolution

New York Times May 2008

The Near Impossibility of a Mideast Peace

Older OpEds

  • Why is the rate of unemployment so high? Haaretz 11/92

  • Is there a way out of the unemployment problem? Haaretz 7/4/93

  • The ultra-orthodox and the labor market, Haaretz 5/7/2001

  • Wall Street vs. Ahad Haam: A Decade's Perspective, Haaretz 17/2/2002

  • A disaster foretold, Haaretz 1/5/2002

  • Not a way to run a country, Haaretz 8/12/2002

  • Anatomy of an (almost) inevitable crisis, Haaretz 24/4/2003

  • Private attorneys in the service of the state, Haaretz 15/4/2008

  • The near impossibility of a Mideast peace, International Herald Tribune, 6/5/2008

  • When will a politician behave differently? Haaretz 18/9/2008

  • Using the Crisis for Structural Changes, Haaretz-The Marker 3/3/09

  • A Revolution in the Construction Industry, Haaretz-The Marker 12/5/09

  • Don’t Be Wrong: Israel is in a Bad State, Haaretz-The Marker 16/6/09

  • Change the Budgeting Process from the Foundations, Haaretz-The Marker 24/6/09

  • How Will The Israeli Economy Look Like with 40% Arabs and Ultra-Orthodox? Haaretz-The Marker 30/7/09

  • The Real Importance of the New Bank of Israel Law, Haaretz-The Marker 28/10/09

  • Cheap on Negative Income Tax, Haaretz-The Marker 16/2/10

  • Competition of the Weak Workers, Haaretz-The Marker 13/7/10

  • Deport the Middlemen, Not the Children, Haaretz-The Marker 21/7/10

  • Obstacles to the Nordic Model in Israel: a Torn Society and Non-Participating Groups, Haaretz-The Marker 25/12/11

  • Bi-annual? Multi-annual! Globes 16/7/2012

  • Preventing Another Financial Crisis, Haaretz-The Marker 19/7/2012

  • Putting Out the Fire, Not Planned Policy, Globes 30/7/2012

  • Zero Flexibility, Globes 12/8/2012

  • Israeli Mentality Makes Reforms Fail, Haaretz-The Marker 22/8/2012

  • The Vicious Circles of Low Productivity and Poverty, Globes 9/9/2012

  • The Forecast: Obama and Bibi, Haaretz 12/10/2012

  • Solution Without Resolution, International Herald Tribune, 23/11/2012

  • A Bad Vicious Circle, Haaretz 14/12/2012

  • Where Did the Left Vanish?, Haaretz 17/12/2012     

  • Give outside experts say in budget Haaretz 29/4/2013

  • Ay Ay Ay iPhone Haaretz 22/12/2013

  • Unemployment is at a low. So what? The Marker Magazine May 2014

  • The Strength in Rebuilding, Haaretz 7/8/2014

  • The True Victory is National Resilience (joint with Meir Elran), The Marker 17/8/2014

  • Demography Bears the Guilt, Haaretz 22/2/2015

  • The States of Dan and Judea, Haaretz 1/11/2015

  • Sensitivity and Non-Transparency (joint with Meir Elran), Globes 9-10/11/2015

  • The Neymar Bubble, Vox CEPR Policy Portal 8/10/2017

  • Cannot Trust the Culture of “It will Be OK” (joint with Meir Elran), The Marker 25/9/2017

  • The value of top footballers, bubbles, and pitfalls of the free market, CEPR Vox 7/10/2017

  • A practical solution to the crisis in Gaza, Haaretz 6/6/2018

  • Time for a Helicopter Drop, Haaretz 24/3/2020

  • Breaking the Taboo: The Political Economy of COVID-motivated Helicopter Drops, Vox CEPR Policy Portal 26/3/2020

  • How to Re-Open Society More Quickly, Financial Times 21/4/2020

  • Exploiting a Coronavirus Weak Spot for an Exit Strategy (joint with Uri Alon), Vox CEPR EU Policy Portal 27/4/2020

  • 10-4: How to reopen the Economy by Exploiting the Coronavirus’s Weak Spot (joint with Uri Alon and Ron Milo), New York Times 11/5//2020

  • Caveats for Economists: Erroneous modelling of the scale and dynamics of COVID 19 (joint with Yinon Bar-On, Ofer Cornfeld, Tatiana Baron, and Ron Milo), Vox CEPR EU Policy Portal 4/7/2020

  • A Cyclical Strategy to Manage COVID 19, Save Lives and Avoid Economic Ruin, LSE Business Review 3/11/2020

  • The COVID Crisis: Where Did the Government Err? (joint with Ofer Cornfeld), Globes 21/2/2021

  • Need to  get rid of Netanyahu and  Heal the State, Haaretz 10/3/2021

  • Exit Plan from The COVID 19 Crisis, Globes 23/3/2021

  • The Budget: from Neglect to Revolution, N12 4/8/2021

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