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Updated: June 18, 2018

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המאמרים החדשים ביותר מופיעים בתחתית עמוד זה

Newspaper Interviews

Calcalist Interview, August 16, 2011 (in Hebrew)

Calcalist Interview, November 14, 2011 (in Hebrew)

Calcalist Interview, July 4, 2012 (in Hebrew)

The Marker Interview July 22, 2012 (in Hebrew)

The Marker Interview  April 7, 2013 (in Hebrew)

Yediot Ahronot Interview May 31, 2013 (In Hebrew)



1. Why is the rate of unemployment so high?  Haaretz /11/92

2. Is there a way out of the unemployment problem?  Haaretz 7/4/93.


3. The ultra-orthodox and the labor market
Haaretz 5/7/2001

4. Wall Street vs. Ahad Haam: A Decade's Perspective
Haaretz 17/2/2002

5. A Disaster Foretold
Haaretz 1/5/2002

6. Not a Way to Run a Country
Haaretz 8/12/2002

7. Anatomy of an (Almost) Inevitable Crisis
Haaretz 24/4/2003
 (PDF file)


8. Private attorneys in the service of the state

Haaretz 15/4/2008

Hebrew (PDF file), English (PDF file)

9. The near impossibility of a Mideast peace

International Herald Tribune 6/5/2008 (PDF file)

10. When will a politician behave differently?

Haaretz 18/9/2008

Hebrew (PDF file) English (PDF file)

11. Using the Crisis for Structural Changes

Haaretz-The Marker (3/3/09)

Hebrew (PDF file)

12.  A Revolution in the Construction Industry

Haaretz-The Marker (12/5/09)

Hebrew (PDF file)

13. Don’t Be Wrong: Israel is in a Bad State

Haaretz-The Marker (16/6/09)

Hebrew (PDF file)

14. Change the Budgeting Process from the Foundations

Haaretz-The Marker (24/6/09)

Hebrew (PDF file)

15. How Will The Israeli Economy Look Like with 40% Arabs and Ultra-Orthodox?

Haaretz-The Marker (30/7/09)

Hebrew (PDF file)

16. The Real Importance of the New Bank of Israel Law

Haaretz-The Marker (28/10/09)

Hebrew (PDF file)

17. Cheap on the Negative Income Tax

 Haaretz - The Marker (15/2/10)

Hebrew (JPG file)

18. Competition of the Weak Workers

Haaretz-The Marker (13/7/10)

Hebrew (PDF file)

19. Deport the Middlemen, Not the Children

Haaretz-The Marker (21/7/10)

Hebrew (PDF file)

On the Economics Nobel Prize Winners 2010

20. Obstacles to the Nordic Model in Israel: a Torn Society and Non Participating Groups

Haaretz-The Marker (25/12/11)

Hebrew (PDF file)

21. Bi-annual? Multi-annual!

Globes (16/7/2012)

Hebrew (PDF file)

22. Preventing Another Financial Crisis

Haaretz-The Marker (19/7/2012)

Hebrew (PDF file)

23. Putting Out the Fire, Not Planned Policy

Globes (30/7/2012)

Hebrew (PDF file)

24. Zero Flexibility

Globes (12/8/2012)

Hebrew (PDF file)

25. Israeli Mentality Makes Reforms Fail

Haaretz-The Marker (22/8/2012)

Hebrew (PDF file)

26. The Vicious Circles of Low Productivity and Poverty

Globes (9/9/2012)

Hebrew (PDF file)

27. The Forecast: Obama and Bibi

Haaretz (12/10/2012)

Hebrew (PDF file)

28.  Solution Without Resolution

International Herald Tribune (23/11/2012)


29. A Bad Vicious Circle

Haaretz (14/12/2012)

Hebrew (PDF file)

30. Where Did the Left Vanish?

Haaretz (17/12/2012)

Hebrew (PDF file)

31. Give Outside Experts a Say in the Budget

Haaretz 29/4/2013

English (PDF)

Hebrew (PDF)

32. Ay Ay Ay iPhone

Haaretz 22/12/2013

Hebrew (PDF)

33. Unemployment is at a low. So what?

The Marker Magazine May 2014

Hebrew (PDF)

34. The Force of Rebuilding

Haaretz 7/8/2014

Hebrew (PDF)

35. The True Victory is National Resilience (joint with Meir Elran)

The Marker 17/8/2014

Hebrew (PDF)

36. Give Them Towers

Yediot Aharonot 22/9/2014

Hebrew (PDF)

37. The Demographics Are to Blame

Haaretz  22/2/2015

Hebrew (PDF)

38. The States of Dan and Judea


Hebrew PDF November 1, 2015

English PDF November 8, 2015

39. Sensitivity and Non-Transparency (joint with Meir Elran)

Globes November 9/10, 2015

Hebrew PDF

40. A Practical Solution to the Gaza Crisis


Hebrew PDF June 5, 2018

English PDF June 6, 2018

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