Research Statement


Selected Publications

Published in 2021

The Importance of Hiring Frictions in Business Cycles 

(With Renato Faccini),
Quantitative Economics, forthcoming 


Movers from a Poor Economy to a Rich One: A Job Tasks Approach

Labour Economics,
October 2021, Vol 72, 102032, Lead paper 

The Arab Economy In Israel

(With Nitsa Kasir),
Book chapter, Cambridge University Press, 2021

Work in Progress/Revision

(Asset) Pricing the Business Cycles 

Invariance in Structural Models

(With Gadi Perets)

Matching Workers

(With Espen Moen)


Shock transmission and the interaction of financial and hiring friction

(with Stephen Millard)

Modernity vs. Tradition in the Determination of Female Labor Supply.

(with Oren Danieli)

Culture, Religion and Employment (In Hebrew)

(With Sami Miaari and Nitsa Kasir)

Research on COVID 19


Joint research with Ron Milo, and Yinon Bar-On from the Weizmann Institute of Science and with Tanya Baron, Ben Gurion University and Ofer Cornfeld, BFI

Cyclic Strategies to Suppress Covid-19 and Allow Economic Activity

Jan 23, 2020 version

(Under R and R at Nature: Scientific Reports)

Epidemiological Dynamics in the Economic Analysis of Pandemics

Oct 2021, current version

IZA DP 14202 March 2021, previous version 

(In Submission)

When to Lock, Not Whom: Managing Epidemics Using Time-Based Restriction

Sep 2021, current version

CEPR DP 15939 March 2021, previous version 

(Under R and R at the Review of Economic Dynamics)

A Simple Planning Problem for Covid-19 Lockdown, Testing and Tracing: Comment


Tables and Figures 

(In Submission)

The Dynamic of Covid 19 in Israel and Its Economic Implications 

Paper (In Hebrew), Oct 14 2020

(Under R and R at the Economics Quaretrly)

R Estimates for Israel 

Section 3 and 4 in CEPR Discussion Paper July 2020